Resident Responsibilities

Winter Reminders at a Glance

Winter Reminders
The Public Works department reminds residents that all vehicles are to be removed from the street when adverse weather conditions are imminent. Removing vehicles ensures a more efficient and faster operation and drastically reduces the potential for damage to parked vehicles and our units.

Mailboxes, Basketball Hoops & Fixed Objects
The Public Works Department is not responsible for clearing around mailboxes. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that the mailbox is installed and maintained to stand up to heavy snow and wind, the mailbox should be no closer than 8-inches from the face of curb or edge of the road. If the mailbox is protruding into the road and is hit by a plow unit it is the responsibility of the homeowner to replace or repair, if the mailbox is installed properly and is accidentally struck by a plow unit, the Township will replace the damaged parts of the mailbox and/or post, however the actual installation is the responsibility of the property owner.

Basketball poles are often installed within the Township right-of-ways and extend into the roadway, these installations are unsafe and are actually illegal. These obstructions must be removed. The Township is not responsible for damage to this obstruction. In fact, the property owner will be held liable for damage to our plow units caused by these obstructions. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in removing this type of equipment from the roadway.

The Public Works Department is not responsible for plowing driveways. Contrary to popular opinion, we do not try to plow your driveway in. The Township’s responsibility is to open roads as quickly as possible to accommodate emergency response vehicles and to provide for safe motor vehicle passage. Snowplows are designed for “side casting” and cannot transport snow from 1 location to another.

Raising the plow as it passes a driveway causes a large pile of snow to be deposited where the plow is lifted. We, therefore suggest that you wait to open your drive until the plow has passed if at all possible. If you must clear your driveway before a plow has passed clear an area on the side of the driveway from which the truck will approach this will provide an area for the plow to unload the snow before your driveway instead of in your driveway which is already cleared.

Clearing Snow
Do not throw snow onto the roadway when clearing your driveway, sidewalk or mailbox. This action is very unsafe and is illegal as it can cause accidents and result in property damage and bodily injury. Fines may be issued and motorist could file lawsuits involved in an accident as a result of this hazard.

Additionally, residents may be fined and held responsible for all cost as a result of the Township’s having to dispatch a crew to plow snow, which has been deposited by residents onto the roadway. Once again, we appreciate you cooperation in this regard.

The Limerick Township Public Works Department has been actively preparing for this winter’s snow and ice. Residents should also play an important role in maintaining safe walking and driving conditions following a snowfall.

Using Common Sense

The highway crew would like to remind everyone that a little common sense and consideration goes a long way in adverse weather. Residents are advised to be aware of their responsibilities during snow clearing activities:
  • Clear fire hydrants of snow as soon as possible.
  • Do not drive unless it is absolutely necessary and do observe good driving habits in hazardous conditions.
  • Keep winter driving aids (i.e. blanket, first aid, water, shovel, etc) in the trunk of your car.
  • Pile snows from walks and driveways on lawns not the streets.
  • Private plowing crews should haul snow from properties if it cannot be piled, not to push onto the street or onto neighboring properties.
  • Remove snow, ice and slush within 24hours after snow has ceased to fall, gather or accumulate from sidewalks including handicap ramps.
  • Remove vehicles from the street to enable road crews to efficiently plow and clear streets.
  • Residents are urged to refrain from calling Municipal offices; phone lines must remain open for emergency purposes. School closings and other cancellations are generally announced over local radio and television stations.