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April 6, 2020 3:38 PM

Coronavirus/Limerick Township Updates

Limerick COVID-19 Update-Thursday, May 21st

Dear Limerick Residents,

I am writing to update on several Township changes that will take place due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. With the realization that social distancing guidelines will be in effect for Montgomery County for several more weeks, the Board was forced to cancel Limerick’s popular summer camp program. New and exciting events and programs were planned to enhance the camp that annually provides a safe and fun-filled summer time experience for over 300 children. While the camp will not take place this year, we look forward to its return in the summer of 2021. All recreational programs, field and pavilion rentals were also canceled through August. The Township is in process of refunding all camp and registration fees. We ask for your patience in receiving the refunds and if you do not hear from our staff within the next few weeks, please contact Angela Russell to check on the status of your refund.

The Board continues to recognize the struggles of all Limerick businesses, especially small and family run operations, who have been forced to shut down and/or are experiencing a loss of revenue due to the continuing Stay at Home Order. In addition to providing jobs, goods and services to so many within our community, they contribute to the tax base which supports our schools, fire company and emergency medical services. Prior to the COVID crisis, the Limerick business community was thriving and expanding due to a robust economy, a factor that contributes to the ability of Limerick to maintain below average Township Real Estate Taxes.

Similar to the struggles of businesses, the Township is also predicting revenue losses of approximately $1.1 million due to rising unemployment and reduced business activity. To offset these projected losses, the Board recently approved operational cuts of approximately $750,000 which includes the furlough of several Township employees, and reduction of weekly hours for many others. All staffing reductions are short term in nature and limited to non-life essential personnel. These reductions did not affect the police force, public works, code enforcement, Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Officer. All remain at optimum staffing levels and ready to answer all calls for service. The Board remains committed to the health and security of all furloughed employees and their families, and will continue to provide health benefits for the duration of their temporary furloughs.

Cuts of this nature are never easy but the Board is confident that these short term measures will enable the Township to address the financial challenges of the COVID crisis, without the need to deplete capital reserve funds or increase taxes. Maintaining below average township real estate taxes will also assist our struggling business community as they, and all of us, look to the end of this unprecedented health crisis, and a return to normalcy.


Tom Neafcy
Chairman, Limerick Township Board of Supervisors

Limerick COVID-19 Update-Friday, May 15th

As the Board continues to monitor all County, State, and Federal COVID-19 updates, additional Township operations reopened on a staggered schedule on Monday, May 4th. These operations include the Public Works Department and Code Department. Until the Stay at Home Order is lifted, rotational staffing will be maintained. Please note that the Township building will continue to remain closed to the public until further notice. Any individual desiring to submit plans or permit application can do so via USPS, electronically by emailing application to, or at the physical drop-off box located within the vestibule of the Township building.

Please note the following important cancellation notices and closures:

• 5/19 Board of Supervisors Meeting
• 6/1 Yard & leaf waste drop-off event at Limerick Community Park
• All Park & Recreation Summer Camp programs and events
(*Please contact Angela Russell of the Park and Recreation Department at to ask about the status of your refund)
• Meetings of the Park & Recreation Committee, Open Space Committee, and
the Linfield Village Master Plan Study Committee remain cancelled until
further notice
• All playgrounds and playing fields remain closed

As a reminder, the Real Estate Tax Discount Period Deadline has been extended to May 31st. Please contact Tax Collector Ryan Wall at or by phone at 484-938-8001 if you have a specific question about real estate tax payment deadlines.

Please be reminded that the Pennsylvania Primary, scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th, has been postponed until Tuesday, June 2nd. The following polling locations within Limerick Township have been adjusted:

St James United Church of Christ location is now at Brooke Elementary School.
Limerick Township Building location is now at Evans Elementary School.
Linfield Fire Station location is now at Limerick Elementary School.

The new deadline to complete the 2020 Census survey is now October 31st, 2020. If you haven’t already done so, please respond to the 2020 Census via online, by mail, or by phone. If you did not receive a code to complete the census, contact the Census Bureau at 844-330-2020 or go to

Regarding springtime yard clean-up activities, be reminded that all trash haulers are required to provide curbside pick-up of yard and leaf debris. Continue to check the Limerick Township website Recycling Information page for Spring yard & leaf waste pickup dates or contact your trash hauler if they have yet to provide their specific spring pick-up dates. Township residents are also able to drop off yard and leaf waste for free at Hetrick Gardens on Swamp Pike; please contact them at (610) 327-9066 to schedule an appointment and discuss new protocols to ensure proper adherence to their social distancing procedures.

Limerick COVID-19 Update-Friday, April 24th
In response to Governor Wolf’s extension of the Stay-at-Home Order to May 8th, Limerick Township offices will remain closed in accordance with this Order. However, essential public safety and public works services will continue, as has been the case since the beginning of this COVID-19 crisis. The Township is also supporting the construction industry and is providing code-related services to all life-essential projects permitted to continue, as well as, those that have been granted an exemption by the State. In addition, all Township departments have staff who are working remotely and continue to serve the needs of the community as best as possible. While some projects, requests, and issues cannot be handled remotely, I wish to assure all our residents and business owners that the Township remains on-call to answer your needs as best as possible, while adhering to all State COVID-19 Orders. If you have a specific question, please check out the Township website at for department contact information and staff email addresses.

With the cancellation of many Parks and Recreational events since the start of this crisis, our staff has been busy contacting those who have signed up so we can provide a full refund as quickly as possible. If you have not been contacted by our staff about a refund for any event canceled through May 15th, or have a question about the status of an upcoming event, please contact the Parks and Recreation department at

As many utilize your time at home to catch up on springtime yard clean-up activities, be reminded that all trash haulers are required to provide curbside pick-up of yard and leaf debris. Please check the Limerick Township website Recycling Information page for Spring yard & leaf waste pickup dates or contact your trash hauler if they have yet to provide their specific spring pick-up dates. Township residents are also able to drop off yard and leaf waste for free at Hetrick Gardens on Swamp Pike; please contact them at (610) 327-9066 to schedule an appointment and discuss new protocols to ensure proper adherence to their social distancing procedures. Please note: The yard and leaf waste drop-off collection day at the Limerick Community Park, scheduled for May 4th, has been canceled.

I want to commend the Limerick residents for their unwavering strength and resiliency as we continue to endure the current challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Neafcy

Limerick COVID-19 Update-Thursday, April 16th

As we continue through this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, it is important to note the impact and sacrifices family-run and small business owners are dealing with. These businesses are the vital backbone of this Limerick community. In addition to the goods and service they provide, they also support first responders, sponsor youth athletic teams, and provide jobs to many within this township. Many of these businesses do not have the deep financial resources of larger business organizations that are enabling them to better weather this ongoing crisis. While we continue to adhere to the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order and the CDC’s Social Distancing guidelines to protect ourselves and those most vulnerable from the Coronavirus, please look to support the Limerick-based essential businesses that continue to operate. A listing of all life-essential businesses that remain open in Limerick can be found on the Spring-Ford Chamber of Commerce website at:

All life-essential businesses that remain open and all patrons who enter such an establishment are required to follow additional mandates set forth by PA Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, beginning Sunday, April 19th at 8:00 P.M. These additional mandates deal with increased social distancing and required use of protective masks for all workers. Dr. Levine’s order can be viewed at

All Limerick staff members who continue to report to work for life-essential duties have been provided with proper PPE equipment. The Board continues to monitor all County, State and Federal updates and will adjust operations accordingly to ensure the Township is providing necessary public safety and life-essential services in a manner that protects both our employees and those that we serve within our Limerick Community.
Please continue to stay safe by staying home and abiding by all social distancing guidelines.


Tom Neafcy
Chairman, Limerick Township Board of Supervisors
April 9th COVID-19 Update

As we conclude the third week under Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home Order, I am pleased to report that all essential Township operations and public safety services are continuing without delay. The Board thanks our dedicated Township staff members who continue to serve the needs of our Limerick community. We send our thanks as well to all first responders who have answered the call of duty since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, only business that is deemed life essential has been permitted to continue operations. In terms of the construction industry, all were required to shut down unless given a waiver by the State to continue. The Township continues to field questions about certain projects and our Code Department personnel are only providing services to construction activities that are permitted to continue under guidelines provided by the Governor’s office. One such project permitted to continue is the Arcadia retirement care facility under construction along Ridge Pike and Swamp Pike. An important aspect of this project is the construction of a new connector road that will re-align Lewis Road and Swamp Pike. Limerick has been notified this week that PennDOT has granted permission for this road work to continue as well. The contractor plans to enact the anticipated detour of Swamp Pike on April 20th, with an anticipated completion date of May 8th. Detour notices will soon be in place and motorists who routinely use the Swamp Pike corridor should pay special attention to the detour plan posted on Limerick’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It is understood that this Swamp Pike detour will be an inconvenience in the short term, but I ask for your patience as the new connector road will provide long term benefits and reduce traffic issues that have been increasing for many years at the Ridge Pike/Lewis Road and Swamp Pike intersection.

Please continue to stay home and stay safe. On behalf of the entire Board of Supervisors, I wish you all a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

Tom Neafcy
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
April 6, 2020 COVID-19 Update

I am writing to provide a few important updates to the Township response to COVID 19. The Board is cognizant of the hardship this crisis is having on our community, and to help assist our tax payers, the Supervisors have approved a 30 day extension of Limerick’s Real Estate Tax Discount Period to May 31st.

Please contact Tax Collector Ryan Wall at or by phone at 484-938-8001 if you have a specific question about real estate tax payment deadlines.

The Township has expanded the list of canceled meetings and events through April 30th as follows:
4/6 Matter of Balance
4/6 Township Yard/Leaf Waste Drop-Off at LCP
4/7 Board of Supervisors Meeting
4/8 Animal Cartooning Camp
4/9 Cupcake Decorating Workshop
4/9 Open Space Plan Committee Meeting
4/12, 4/19, 4/26 Fitness Boot Camp
4/16 Park & Rec. Committee Meeting
4/16 Linfield Village Master Plan Public Meeting
4/17 Star Party
4/21 Board of Supervisors Meeting
4/23 Planning Commission Meeting
4/25 Yard Sale
4/29 Coffee Talk for Seniors

Refunds will be offered to all who have already registered and paid the registration fee for any event listed above. Please contact Dawn Householder of the Park and Recreation Department at to ask about the status of your refund.

The Township Public Works Department will soon begin lawn cutting and maintenance duties. However, to limit the time our crews need to be on duty all lawn cutting will be scaled back to only essential areas of the Township properties and parks. Playing fields will not be cut on a routine basis until further notice.

Please be reminded that the Pennsylvania Primary, scheduled for Tuesday, April 28th, has been postponed until Tuesday, June 2nd.

In response to Governor Wolf's recommendations, the Township urges anyone that has to leave their residence to go to a public place wear a mask. If you are unable to obtain a mask at this time, visit the following link to access a guide on how to make your own mask using materials you have at home.

As the favorable spring weather now comes upon us, and the urge to get outdoors increases, it is important that we all continue to adhere to the Governor’s Stay at Home Order and adhere to all CDC Social Distancing guidelines. You can continue to view these guidelines and all Limerick COVID 19 updates on the Township website at, and also on our Facebook and Twitter sites.


Tom Neafcy,
Chairman, Limerick Township Board of Supervisors
Limerick COVID 19 Update –Friday April 3rd

The refueling project of Exelon’s Limerick Generating Station, and the approximately 1,500 outside contractors who were brought into our Limerick community during this COVID 19 crisis, has raised several concerns that I wish to address on behalf of the Board of Supervisors. The most pressing issue is the lack of communication from Exelon to the Township on their plans to ensure the workforce is properly isolated and protected so they do not add to the spread of the Coronavirus within the Township. After an outreach to Exelon, I am pleased to report that the Township is now receiving routine updates from the Generating Station on the re-fueling project. This information is being distributed to all Township public safety departments so they can be prepared for any call for service to the plant that may be required. I thank all our emergency responders who continue to work tirelessly during this difficult time to protect the community. To ensure their protection, the Township is also purchasing additional sanitizing equipment which will provide a higher level method to sanitize police, fire and all other vehicles and equipment our public safety teams are using on a routine basis.
We ask that all residents continue to use commonsense and follow social distancing guidelines if you are outdoors and decide to use the Township’s public trails during this COVID 19 crisis. Following the direction of Montgomery County, the Township trails within the public parks remains open to allow for walking and basic level exercise options. All playing fields are closed and the Township will be erecting additional signage to reinforce that organized athletic activities are not permitted in any of the township’s public parks. We ask for your cooperation in this regard so our police department, who are already strained with added responsibilities during this crisis, do not have to use manpower and resources to enforce a park related restriction. With your help I am confident that Limerick Township can properly address all issues related to this COVID 19 crisis and emerge an even stronger community.
Help us protect Limerick by staying home, and following all CDC social distancing recommendations.
Tom Neafcy
Chairman Limerick Township Board of Supervisors

Limerick Township Update - Coronavirus (COVID-19):
On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, I wish to take this opportunity to update the community as to how the Township is addressing the challenges of this COVID 19 crisis. Over the past two weeks, the Board has worked with the Township Manager on contingency plans to ensure public safety services are in place to serve the needs of this community. The Township is in continuous communication with County and State emergency and health officials so decisions on Limerick operations can be made with the most update to date information available. It is important to note that the Limerick Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Management personnel remain fully staffed to answer any call for service. All emergency responders have been provided with protective equipment and have adjusted operational procedures to ensure they stay as safe as possible while continuing to protect the community.

The Township building remains closed and all non-essential personnel are working from home per Governor Wolf’s directive but remain available to answer questions and address issues via email. All departmental contact information can be found on Limerick’s website at If you do not have access to email, and have a non-emergency related question, please call the Township’s main number at 610-495-6432 and leave a question with the respective department and someone will respond as soon as possible.

The Board also understands the impact this crisis is having on the businesses within the Township, especially our small business and family owned operations. Please take a moment to review the resources listed below and I hope they can provide some level of support as you deal with the ongoing challenges of the COVID 19 crisis.

Links to important COVID 19 information will continue to be posted on the Township website, Facebook accounts and Twitter page. You can also view directly on Montgomery County’s webpage at
Please continue to follow all Social Distancing recommendations and Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy! If we all follow these recommendations, together we will get through these unprecedented challenges and emerge a stronger Limerick community than ever before.


Tom Neafcy
Chairman, Limerick Board of Supervisors

Please click on the link below for important information for our business community
Due to Governor Wolf's "Stay at Home" order, all Township meetings and recreational activities have been cancelled through Sunday, April 12th. This includes the following meetings and events:
4/4 Breakfast with the Bunny
4/6 Matter of Balance
4/6 Township Yard/Leaf Waste Drop-Off at LCP
4/7 Board of Supervisors Meeting
4/8 Animal Cartooning Camp
4/9 Cupcake Decorating Workshop
4/9 Open Space Plan Committee Meeting

Regarding yard/leaf waste, residents are urged to schedule an appointment to drop off their yard/leaf waste at Hetrick Gardens by calling 484-686-6293.

Regarding Township parks, all playgrounds, sport courts, pavilions and bathhouse facilities remain closed. Public trails remain open at this time but please exercise social distancing as recommended by health professionals.

All HOA and meetings for local sport organizations scheduled to be held at the township municipal building have been cancelled through April 12th.
Limerick will continue to accept Right to Know Requests but the State of PA has issued a notice that legal deadlines to process such requests will be relaxed until further notice.

The March 26th meeting of the Limerick Township Planning Commission has been cancelled.

The Township Municipal Building remains closed to the public. Should you have any questions or concerns, please leave a message on the Township's phone messaging system @ 610-495-6432, or email: If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Continue to visit Limerick's website and Facebook page for important Township updates regarding COVID-19.

Please read the following press release from Governor Wolf's Office, released Monday, April 20,2020. Additionally, visit the links below for all COVID -19 (Coronavirus) updates.


April 20, 2020
Governor Tom Wolf and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine announced that the statewide stay-at-home orders issued on April 1 to protect Pennsylvanians and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 will be extended until Friday, May 8 at 12:01 AM. The initial order was set to expire on April 30.

“It is clear that our early and aggressive efforts to mitigate this spread of this highly contagious and deadly virus are working. While we begin to seek ways to move forward, it’s imperative that we continue to take strong precautions to protect Pennsylvanians and ensure that our health care system is not overwhelmed,” Wolf said. “I am so proud of this commonwealth and the resilience of my fellow Pennsylvanians, and I urge you to continue to stay calm and stay home so that we can all stay safe.”

“We are starting to see a downward trend in the number of positive cases throughout the state, which is definitely encouraging,” Dr. Levine said. “We need to proceed carefully to make sure the strides we’ve made in combatting this virus continue to move forward. Extending our statewide order until May 8 will ensure that we don’t overwhelm our health system, while helping our economy to recover.”

Non-life-sustaining physical business closures remain in effect and all life-sustaining businesses and state services will continue.
Individuals are permitted to leave their residences for tasks essential to maintaining health and safety.

Stay-at-home guidance is available as a PDF here.

Wolf recommended that Pennsylvanians continue to wear masks when leaving the house for life-sustaining reasons. Dr. Levine recently signed an order directing protections for critical workers who are employed at businesses that are authorized to maintain in-person operations during the COVID-19 disaster emergency.

At this time, law enforcement will continue to focus on ensuring that residents are aware of the order and informing the public of social distancing practices rather than enforcement.

Read the governor’s amendment as a PDF

Read the Secretary of Health’s amendment as a PDF

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, Pennsylvanians should visit:

Gov. Wolf Announces Online Vehicle Sale Process, Construction Restart Date, PLCB Curbside Pick Up

Governor Tom Wolf announced three actions including online sales of vehicles, which will be enabled by the signing of SB 841, restart of construction projects statewide starting Friday, May 8, and curbside pickup of wine and spirits at select Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board locations.

“Over the past six weeks, Pennsylvanians have come together like never before to halt the spread of COVID-19,” said Gov. Wolf. “It has not been easy, but it has paid off. Today, we are taking small steps toward a degree of normalcy. We are allowing curbside pickup of phone orders at PLCB stores and auto sales will be allowed to take place online. On May 8, construction will resume statewide.

“I want to caution that we will not be resuming operations as they were in February. We’re going to continue to take precautions that limit our physical contact with others, and we will closely monitor this to see if it can be done safely.”

These limited steps forward will be closely observed in the coming days and weeks to ensure that they do not result in a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, in which case the governor will use his authority under the emergency disaster declaration to resume restrictions to protect public health and safety.

Vehicle Sales May Be Conducted Online
The governor will sign Senate Bill 841 later today that approves qualified Pennsylvania notaries public to perform remote online notarizations, which will allow auto dealerships to conducted limited car sales and leasing operations through online sales, as a notary is required to complete the transaction. Auto dealerships may continue to remain open for certain activities, such as repairs to passenger and commercial vehicles and sales of auto parts, but in-person car sales or leases are still considered non-life sustaining and remain prohibited at this time.

Construction With Strict Guidelines Resumes Friday, May 8
Public and private residential and non-residential construction may resume statewide starting Friday, May 8, in accordance with safety guidance that will be issued by the administration shortly. Construction projects already deemed life-sustaining may continue while adhering to social distancing, personnel limits and other guidance as announced by the administration.

PLCB Begins Limited Curbside Pickup
The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) today began accepting orders by phone for curbside pickup at 176 locations. Phone orders can be placed between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., or until reaching a store’s maximum order capacity each day. Curbside pickups will be scheduled from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. within a few days of order placement. Callers will be guided through each store’s unique inventory. There is a limit of six bottles per order, and credit cards are the only accepted form of payment. At pickup, customers will be required to present identification before the order is delivered.

The PLCB website lists the stores offering curbside pickup. PLCB anticipates expanding the service at more locations in the future. The PLCB website,, is also increasing order capacity.

Curbside sales at Fine Wine and Good Spirits Shoppes will serve as a guide to determine whether certain other non-life-sustaining businesses may be able to resume limited operations through curbside pickup, which is currently only permitted for life-sustaining businesses that offer food and pharmaceuticals.

The Administration will monitor the implementation of curbside pickup including the safety of the supply chain to determine if broader curbside pick up can be done safely and effectively to provide goods and services, while still limiting the amount of person to person contact not just at retail locations but throughout the supply chain.

For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, Pennsylvanians should visit

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Latest Update:

July 6, 2020 10:26 AM

The Township Police and Administration building has reopened to walk-in traffic beginning Monday, July 6th. Hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. All departmental reception counters will be open for routine activities; however, to maintain social distancing practices, Township staff will remain behind the protective glass enclosures. Any person who desires an in-person meeting with Township staff will need to schedule the appointment beforehand and undergo a temperature screening before they are permitted to meet with any employee in the non-public areas of the building. There is also a secure drop box in the front vestibule for any person who does not wish to enter the building. This drop box is available 24/7 and can be used to submit construction or zoning permit applications, park or field rental applications, or any other Township-related business request.

Township staff continues to process requests electronically, as well, and all instructions and contact information can be found on the Township website at

Stay Safe and we wish everyone a happy and healthy summer season!

Prior Updates

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June 26, 2020 9:57 AM


With Montgomery County now in the Green Phase of the PA Reopening Plan, Limerick is pleased to announce the following adjustments to Township operations.


Beginning Saturday, June 27th, all sport fields will reopen for organized team activities. Field Rental permits will be required and forms can be obtained on the Township’s website at or please contact Ryan Yanchocik at to discuss in further detail. With any Field Rental Application, all organizations must submit a COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan that adheres to CDC guidelines.

Manderach Memorial Playground will reopen on Monday, July 6th along with the public bathrooms within Limerick Community Park.

Pavilion rentals will begin again on Monday, July 6th but will be limited to no more than 50 attendees.


The Township Police and Administration building will reopen to walk-in traffic beginning on Monday, July 6th. All departmental reception counters will be open for routine activities, but Township staff will remain behind the protective glass enclosures and will not be permitted to conduct person-to-person activities.

Any person who desires an in-person meeting with Township staff will need to schedule the meeting beforehand and undergo a temperature screening before they are permitted to meet with any employee in the non-public areas of the building.

Be reminded to practice CDC social distancing guidelines while using Township parks, trails, and open space and we wish you a healthy and safe summer season!

May 8, 2020 12:13 PM

Gov. Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro Announce Protections from Foreclosures and Evictions Through July 10

Update from Pennsylvania Regarding Foreclosure and Evictions