If I fail to make corrections to a Fire Code violation, what happens?

If compliance has not been met after the period allotted by the initial issue of the Fire Inspection Notice, a 2nd Fire Inspection Notice will be issued; concurrently a penalty fee may be assessed to you. A subsequent recheck will be made, and if the conditions in violation are still found, a final notice will be issued by way of a Compliance Order.  A subsequent recheck will be made, and if unsafe conditions are still found, a penalty fee will be assessed by way of an Administrative Citation. If conditions continue to exist, the matter will be forwarded to the District Justice office, and additional fees will be assessed. Each additional re-inspection for non-compliance will be charged as a penalty fee. If you have been assessed a penalty fee for noncompliance, you will not have your violation notice signed off as corrected until proof of payment is made.

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