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1. How Do I Arrange for Trash Service?
2. Does the Township Pick Up Brush and/or Bulk Trash Items?
3. How Do I Dispose of Paint, TVs, Computers, and Household Hazardous Waste Items?
4. How Do I Dispose of Latex (Water-based) Paint?
5. How Do I Get a Recycling Bin?
6. How Do I Get Leaf & Yard Waste Bags?
7. My Car Was Damaged by a Pothole, Who Do I Contact?
8. My Mailbox Was Damaged by a Snow Plow. Who Do I Contact?
9. Who is Responsible for Plowing My Street?
10. My Streetlight is Out. Who Do I Contact?
11. A Sign is Damaged or Missing in My Neighborhood. Who Do I Contact?
12. My Car Has Gotten Yellow/White Paint On It From Line Striping. Who Do I Contact?
13. Who Do I Contact to Report a Dead Animal on My Road?