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1. How do I arrange for trash service?
2. Does the Township pick up brush and/or bulk trash items?
3. How do I dispose of paint, computers and other household hazardous wastes?
4. How do I dispose of latex paint?
5. How do I get a recycle bin?
6. How do I get yard and leaf waste bags?
7. My car was damaged by a pothole, who do I contact?
8. My mailbox was damaged by a snow plow. Who do I contact?
9. Who is responsible for plowing my street?
10. My street light is out. Who do I contact?
11. A sign is damanged or missing in my neighborhood. Who do I contact?
12. My car has gotten yellow/white paint on it from line striping. Who do I contact?
13. Who do I contact to report a dead animal on my road?