Winter Operations

Operations Process
Snow and ice control is one of the most integral functions of the Public Works Department. Adverse weather conditions dictate that the roadways be monitored around the clock. Our department is on call during all non-working hours, including weekends and holidays to ensure that activities of the community do not come to a halt.

Road crews plow and salt approximately 195 lane miles of roadway including 30 miles of state highways. De-icing will take care of most small storms but when 3 or more inches of snow fall plowing operations begin. During heavy snowfall multiple plow passes must be made, heavy winds put crews on a rotating shift to keep drifts from closing roads.

As you might imagine, this is an enormous undertaking. The department’s “artillery” to fight these storms consist of 13 trucks which salt and plow and 3 trucks which plow only. The Township is divided into 4 geographic sectors and each sector has several plow routes. Constant radio communication is maintained between all units and result in team effort wherever and whenever necessary.

Every attempt is made to dispatch units before roads start to freeze, during heavy snowfall roads are sometimes salted several times before plowing operations begin. In general plowing only begins after 3 inches has accumulated on the roads.

Snow Plow Routes
The primary goal of snow and ice control operations is to ensure efficient and safe access for emergency response vehicles. With in each of the 4 geographic sectors roads are identified and divided into “Demand Service Levels” (DSLs). The DSLs are as follows:
  • Collector
  • Gravel and Low volume
  • Major State and Arterial
  • Residential Developments
Although gravel and cul-de-sac roads are classified lower, these roads are serviced with
de-icing material or a plow pass with in 2 to 3 hours following the dispatch of units.

During the winter months Township forces treat and plow the following state roads:
  • Limerick Center Road
  • Linfield-Trappe Road
  • Main Street
  • Neiffer Road
  • North Limerick Road
  • Pheasant Road
Snow emergencies require prudent planning and constant communication between the snow fighting units throughout the Township. Through this communication our units and the police are constantly monitoring road conditions. The department suggests that residents not call the Township for plowing schedules or non-emergency calls as this ties up phone lines, which may be needed for an emergency. Non-emergency calls also take vital personnel away from snow fighting tasks.