Local Services Tax

Effective January 1, 2008, the Township enacted the Local Services Tax (LST). This tax will be collected by Berkheimer Associates on behalf of the Township. The purpose of this tax is to fund police, fire, and/or emergency services and road construction and/or maintenance.

All persons employed for any length of time during the year in the Township are required to pay an annual tax of $52 for the privilege of working in the Township. Employers in the Township are required to withhold this tax in equal amounts from every paycheck quarterly from employees and remit to Berkheimer. A Local Service Tax Refund (PDF) may be requested in writing from Berkheimer Associates if an employee earns less than $12,000, from all income sources, not just Limerick employers, for the respective year.

If an employee knows he/she will earn less than $12,000, he/she may complete a Local Services Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF) and submit it to his/her employer. If you are self-employed you are required to register with the Township and the necessary forms will be mailed to you.

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